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Product Name        : Fan Page Domination

Creator                     : Anthony Morrison

Product Type          : Online Training Program and Software

Niche                         : Social Media Marketing

 Price                         : $1997 or 3 Payment of $797 

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Cart Open                : April 10th Monday 2017

Cart Close                : May 2nd, Tuesday 2017

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Online advertising, the modern method of advertising. Nowadays most of us choose an option of online of every daily needs. Communicating each other through online social media, shopping, buying and selling, likewise a list of things can be done through online.
As far as i am concerned most of us depend on online methods is that it’s easy to access. For example in the case of advertising earlier we need to prepare a matter to advertise then need to print notices or posters, then we have to be sure that everyone has reached a copy likewise its too risky. This was the past.but while we come cross over to the future all depends on the online world.which is an exploration of an new strategic development.

As the lifestyle changes our model advertising has also changed. Why because it’s easy for a men to access and reduce the job. Now advertising is just at your fingertips. What to do is prepare a matter then click the button ‘send’ , the whole world can see in just seconds. Such a vast method of advertising is modern advertising. Here the new technology “fan page domination”takes place.

As this method came int what happened was people who found their daily wage on advertising just got blocked. Now they feel that online advertising is curse. By passage of time they had to search for another job, this is how we could sell a product in FB using our techniques, logics and ideas.all is that the main concern depends on the easiest way of the selling of a product in much more better way.

One of the main reason why the world turn is that online advertising is not a time consuming process, cheap and more effective. For example i start a company and gave advertising through poster. My village people came to know such company is there. At same time i just posted say that i start up a company facebook. Within no time the whole world came to know such a company is there. There lies the difference.
The Older way even came to our nature too. For older methods needs many pages. For printing purpose a huge amount of trees are cut down for paper, ink etc. All these results in a degradation of our nature.