Fred Lam & Michael Shih are World Most significant Intenet marketers. They released formerly lots of effective products. They will be launching newest Online software application as well as training program names as print profits. It will help to settle and find out lot even more things.

print profit

Product Name:Print Profits
Product Type:Web-based Software and Training Program
Author / Creator:Fred Lam & Michael Shih
Price:$997 or 3 Payments of $397
Launch Date: 11th July 2018
Selling Platform:ClickBank  (100% Trust)
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Print Profits is an online web-based e-commerce course designed and curated by Michael Shih and Fred Lam. The course mainly focuses on print on demand e-commerce. This is a quite unique and a genius idea and the course can easily take away more than 50% of the prerequisites needed to get into the print on demand business. The best part about print on demand is that you do not have to take care of stuff like stock or inventory.

Who are Fred Lam & Michael Shih?

Michael Shih and Fred Lam are creators of the Print Profits. They take us through the entire course and give their valuable insights to the viewers. Michael Shih is the writer and designer of Print Profits Training Course, and he has been in a digital entrepreneur since 2013.

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E-commerce opportunities and challenges

The print on demand business is fairly new, however, it is rapidly gaining traction in the world of e-commerce. In this business, the client themselves chose the design/print that they want to have on their clothes, the only that you got to do is print it for them. This is a big relief for new e-commerce business as they don’t need to spend time designing their merch and making an inventory. The hard work is already done by the clients, all you need to do is cash the profits. The second best part about this business is that you never have to worry about competition, the only thing that you need to worry about is the traffic on your e-commerce website. This is where print profits come in the picture. They provide a step-by-step guide as to how you can start this business and ace it.


If you are one of those people who always wished to start an online business and then dropped the idea because you thought it required huge investment, then Print Profits is for you. The whole premise of the Print Profits is to educate people so that they can also start their own online business without having to worry about inventory or investment. To help our reader get the clear idea about this website, we have done a thorough
review of this online e-commerce training course. This course claims that its users can easily earn big bucks without making any significant investment. Now thinking objectively, it is fairly difficult task to generate revenue without significantly investing money in any business. So let’s see what this business is all about.

PRINT PROFITS Features and what does it include?

  • The whole training module is broken into 8 easily digestible modules, all of the modules contain several video lessons that can range from 5 to 50 minutes.
  • There are various blueprint formula, case studies, and templates that one can follow for their own business.
  • Module 1 is basically for covering basics. This module is very helpful for people who do not know anything about e-commerce.
  • Module 2 basically covers all aspect of DESIGN, which is crucial for print on demand business.
  • Module 3 deep dives into products and suppliers
  • Module 4 mainly focuses on Facebook, as this is where you can attract huge traffic to your website initially
  • Module 5 provides information related to FB Ads and every aspect related to it, like Scaling your Ads, Ad Performance, Manual Bidding etc.
  • Module 6 is about how to manage your Fan Page etc
  • Module 7 is about setting up 3rd party tools like CartHook, ClickFunnels, and creating your very own Shopify Buy Button
  • Module 8 is about Ad Retargeting, Email Marketing, General Data Protection
  • Regulation etc. This is by far the most important part of the training.

Who can choose PRINT PROFITS Training?

The target demographic for this online training course are people who are unable to start an online business mainly because of the huge cost associated with them. Using this training, the users get to know how they can manage and operationalize their own e-commerce store using Shopify. The whole training is designed from the scratch, and so even someone who has no idea about e-commerce business can also learn through this course.

This course will aid you in running your business smoothly and consistently, and this will eventually help in making the business profitable. The program also tells as to how you can scale your business by employing the right kind of marketing techniques.



Zero investment: The whole program is designed around print on demand store, so one does not need to have huge startup money to kickstart the business. Further, one does not need to worry about vendors, stocks, and middlemen. One doesn’t even require buying stocks and storing it, they can straightaway get the cloth printed and shipped to the address of the customer.

No need to have web development skills: If one does not want to create their own website and then continuously spend time maintaining it, then they can use the Shopify platform. One can easily set up their own store on the Shopify platform with just a few clicks.

Zero wait time: As soon as you are done with the training, you can start the business right away. All you need to do is get your shop online and you are set.


There is a lot to read. The whole program is pretty lengthy and you have to read through a lot of stuff before you complete the training. However, one thing we can suggest is that you can start the business alongside the training, but then again you still have to read through a lot of materials.

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PRINT PROFITS Overview and Conclusion

The world of e-commerce is booming and it offers equal opportunity to everyone to reap profits using it. All one need is a proper guide to help them grow their business. According to us, Print Profits is a perfect online training program for people who want to start their own very own online store. Even people who have no idea about online business can easily learn every aspect of this business and get started.